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Patricia DePorter RN - Diploma from Michael Reese Hospital School of Nursing, Chicago, IL. Speciality: Pediatrics.  Married to Dr. Louis A DePorter M.D. Children - 6. Four sons, 2 daughters.

Daughter Michelle deceased - 1973; son Dr. Victor A. DePorter M.D. deceased-2006.

Organized and supervised a volunteer School Nurse’s Office at St. Mary Of The Lake School, Gary, Indiana. Taught Health and Teen Living at the school. Created curriculum HEALTH A VALUE IN LIFE - Being Healthy and Staying Healthy (K - 8) based on Diocese of Gary Indiana’s mission statement on Health Education and The Institute for Learning and Life Inc. (IRLL) model. 

Founded Voices For Values and Voices For Values International. Conducted a national and international survey on values education reaching 1,000 students and adults in the U.S., Belgium, Ireland and Romania. Conducted classroom workshops on Defining Values in the above countries. Created “Defining Values Instructor’s Manual” based on survey results and research. Defining Values is integrated into the Health A Value In Life curriculum.  

  Children in today’s world are being used, abused, aborted and thrown away.  It has been my mission to reach kids at an early age, giving them a chance through acquired age appropriate knowledge for personal responsibility in regards to their health. Educate them to be healthy, to prevent affliction by avoiding high risk behavior that leads to lifelong health issues and sometimes death. I strongly feel as health educators the best  gift we can give to our children is to teach them to be responsible for their own health and well being and that staying healthy is a lifelong endeavor.


“At the basis of the many problems that face our youth - drug abuse, street violence, teen pregnancy, poor school performance, sexually transmitted disease, alcohol abuse, and conflicts with parents and teachers - lies our failure as a society to begin teaching them, at the earliest age and throughout their formative years, the value of personal responsibility.”

                                                                       J.A. Bardouille, Ph.D. Educational Psychology

                                                                   Initiative for Responsibility in Learning and Life (IRLL)


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”

                                                                           Martin Luther King Jr.



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