Water Project

     Water plays a major role in livelihood (healthcare, poverty and environment) hence its shortage is always a severe problem to mankind. Development of water resources is thus a major factor for economic growth as well as human and environmental health, and poverty reduction.

The Victims of  Insufficent Water Supply
Typically, water source points are far from villages, averaging about 2 miles. Village water collectors are mainly children and women; they undertake the responsibility of scouting and collecting water for household use. The main victims of water related problems are usually the poor, children, and women. These vulnerable classes also have a higher risk for abuses such as kidnapping and rape and, thus, for contracting HIV/AIDs. Poverty is strongly associated with water distress. Time, finances, and other resources that should be directed to other productive uses are diverted to scouting and purchasing water. This further reduces the purchasing power of area residents, thereby aggravating poverty.

Progress Made


We have accomplished a lot already thanks to some generous Charlestonians and local churches. This past year saw Betty Niermann, a board member of AEO, and me traveling to Nigeria to sink the bore-well to provide water for the community and for construction work. Because of the difficulty in getting even underground water, we sank the first well and it was a very poor yield, we decided to sink a second one and the water came rushing!!  The joy on the faces of this community and the celebration that ensued is priceless.

We have the water and power generator estimated to cost $107,500.00. We have concluded plans for Water Mission of Charleston to construct and deliver the water treatment plant. We need your help building the water reservoir and the distribution tank.





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Estimate for well and water treatment and storage  $107,500.00


$36,000: Completed

To Install a Water Treatment Plan

$4,500: Completed

To Drill Bore-well depth 45m to 80m (200ft to 260ft)

$8,000: Completed

For Power Generator

$15,000: Completed

To construct a Power & Water Treatment Plant Housing

$44,000: Still Needed
To Install two water Tanks,

8,000gals distribution Tank and

15,000gals reservoir Tank



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