About Us

Recognizing our common humanity, and understanding that an educated child anywhere in the world is a gift to our common heritage, African Education Outreach (AEO)  is dedicated to empowering the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to transform the African continent, one child at time, and one country at a time. We build quality schools in Africa that make basic education for children who otherwise would not receive such schooling.

African Education Outreach is a public nonprofit organization that seeks to create and maintain a quality, welcoming educational K-12 campus in Nigeria with curricula relevant to the goals and aspiration of each student irrespective of faith, creed, tribe, ethnicity, or social status.

Our Goal:

African Education Outreach plans to build quality schools in Africa and to identify and collaborate with existing schools to bring a transformation education to the children of Africa.

The key strategies are:


  1. To adopt means and ways to raise the capital to fund the goal of the organization.
  2. To build, equip, recruit and staff new schools that meet the local standards and compete with international standards.
  3. To identify and work with local schools in African communities that are struggling and to enable students to succeed academically and to compete nationally and internationally for good jobs.

Mission Statement:

Changing lives One Child at a time for the Better.






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2018 Gold Star Seal of Transparency


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